Vibrators for beginners: how to use it with the couple?

One of women’s favorite sex toys is the  vibrator: they never abandon you. As I have already mentioned before, they are the best way to vary the routine of your sex life. The vibrations will stimulate both during the relationship, increasing pleasure and allowing you to experience particularly intense and exciting sensations not previously experienced.

The vibrations will stimulate both during the relationship

Now, how to use your best friend with your partner? We give you five tips to complement your two favorite lovers.

1) First with clothes: If your partner is not used to it or doesn’t agree very much it could be excessive that you take out the vibrator during sexual work. We recommend that you surprise your partner on another occasion and discuss it with them. The advice is to go slowly. A good option, for example, while watching TV, you can show it to them by passing it through the body. That’s less intrusive.

2) Use lubricant please! Whenever you get your toy out for a fun session, don’t forget to use the lubricant as it makes a difference. This way you will be able to help the toy slip and be more enjoyable penetration avoiding rubbing the sex toy directly on your skin.

3) Let him play: You can give more security to your partner by giving him the vibrator, so he will feel that he has the power. Let him control the use of the toy. I’m sure you’ll both have a great time.

4) For him: If your partner is a fan of experimentation, both of you can have fun with the vibrator in many ways. Now, if your lover is just the opposite, you can use it the moment you give him oral sex, bring the vibrator closer to your cheeks and that will increase the sensations. You’ll both appreciate it.

5) Vouyerism: It always generates a lot of excitement to observe. Try to give a show to your partner in the company of your vibrator, that will excite him totally. The image will be recorded forever.

Now all you have to do is choose one and start trying new sensations!

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