Tantric Sex: Four Positions to Try

Surely many times you have heard of tantric sex, this time we want you to learn to enjoy it and therefore we will teach you four positions with which you can also learn to love your partner.

You must remember that in tantric sex the movements are controlled and slow and one of the two lovers must remain passive while the other travels the erogenous zones.

in tantric sex the movements are controlled and slow

Padm: The gentleman sits cross-legged, then the woman sits on his lap and with her legs surrounds his body. In order to initiate sexual movements, the man rests his hands on the shoulders of his partner.

Unpapad: The two continue in the initial position, and from here on she will slowly raise her leg and the gentleman will begin the penetration.

Vaidhurit: Again, in the initial position, the couple will proceed to hug each other, placing their hands on the neck, while they perform penetration.

Panipash: Starting again, from the initial position, each one must take the feet of the other, while the man performs the penetration.

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