Sexual fantasies: five benefits of fulfilling them

Considered a taboo in the past, today erotic fantasies are lived with more tranquility and naturalness by women. Besides helping to maintain a good psychic balance, they increase desire and help to develop our sexuality better.

What is an erotic fantasy?

What is an erotic fantasy?

It is an imaginary representation of the conscious and unconscious desires of the individual. The imagination produced by the spirit generates emotion and excitement, especially sexual. This phenomenon affects not only sexuality, but also desire and pleasure in general. The term comes from the German word “phantasie”, used by Freud to describe the imagination.

If you have not yet dared to fulfill your sexual fantasies we will give you five benefits that this will bring you:

1. You know what you want: Being able to fulfill your fantasies makes you get to know yourself better and be able to decide what you like best and what you don’t like about your sexual relationships. You discover more freely which ones with the things that give you more pleasure in bed. Keep in mind, the best way to meet you is in bed.

2. Enjoy the moment: The good thing about carrying out a sexual fantasy is that it allows you to break the monotony of intimate relationships. Nothing like discovering new sensations and emotions.

3. You reduce stress: Fulfilling your fantasies will make you minimize your stress levels and your mind can relax as much as possible.

4. Increase desire: Realizing new dynamics in bed helps you to keep up sexual desire. In addition, fulfilling your fantasies with your partner will help you to create new moments of unforgettable intimacy that only you know.

5. Improve your self-esteem: What does it mean to fulfill a sexual fantasy? you feel more attractive, sexy and fulfilled.

So, if you haven’t thought about realizing your fantasies, do it. You’ll feel great in every way.

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