Sex in the Bathroom

Sex in the bathroom! The shower is one of the best places to have sex. Also, remember that it is essential to break the monotony of intimate relationships with new places, that will keep the passion alive. Here are some tips for you to have fun with your partner in the bathroom.

the shower can be the previous step to a moment of pleasure,

Fun games: One of the fixed ones in the shower is soaping your partner. In addition, combining water temperature and skin rubbing will make your shower experience unforgettable. Another tip of these fun games is to kiss and massage him in the shower, super exciting.

Stimulate to the max: It will help you in your shower encounter if you buy special soaps, fragrances and shower lotions. Remember that water eliminates the natural lubrication of the bodies, so some extra help won’t hurt you.

Don’t be shy: In order for your shower fantasy to come out perfectly, you have to put your shyness aside. You have to indulge in pleasure with everything you’ve got. At the very least, if you’re sorry to see yourself naked, foam can be a perfect idea to pretend you’re not wearing clothes.

Waterproof Sex Toys: The shower is one of the ideal places to use those Sex Toys specially designed to be used underwater. Either for clitoral stimulation, internal stimulation or anal play. Surprise your underwater partner with a toy and he’ll want to shower with you every day!

In the end, it is important to remember that the shower can be the previous step to a moment of pleasure, or you can turn it into the moment of pleasure itself. You decide what you want to do, imagination is the limit.

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