Oral sex: 4 positions for maximum pleasure

There are so many taboos enclosed around oral sex that when we talk about it without blushing, we only think of the traditional and most common pose. But just as there is a Kamasutra and varieties of sexual positions, there are also to enjoy (and give pleasure) with oral sex.

It’s not just about daring, but also about enjoying something we love so much: sex. That’s why we want to give you 4 different positions to practice oral sex. You up for it?

best positions for oral sex

1. The cliff

To enjoy this pose, sit on the edge of the bed on your back and keep your legs up on the mattress. He will kneel on the floor between your legs, and bow his head down, directly over your clitoris.
This pose will also allow you to have your hands free to play with the rest of your body.

2. The little doggy

This variant of the classic doggie is a very hot position, which gives control of angle and pressure. To the already known penetration pose, the man from behind satisfies the woman.

3. Lateral Pose

Place them on their sides facing each other, then slide down until your penis is at the level of your face. The secret of this pose is to give pleasure without your knees or a cramp in the neck.

4. A variant for the sofa

Pose for oral sex suitable for skillful and brave. Ask your boy to lie face up on the sofa, with his back and head in the seat, and his legs on the backrest. Kneel on her face, in front of the back of the sofa. They will end with a folded variant of the 69, but much more relaxing than the traditional one, as the hands do not remain stirring in bed.
What did you think of these positions? Dare to be more daring in bed, leave your taboos and shame aside and enjoy!

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