The legendary Hitachi Magic Wand

While marketed as a massager to provide “relief from muscle-tension”, women have been wisely using it as a clitoral stimulator since its introduction nearly 30 years ago! It is the best-selling vibrator of all times. Due to its almost incredible power, many regard the Hitachi Magic Wand as the most effective massager for producing intensely strong orgasms. Period.

vibrator hitachi

While primarily used for masturbation, some women have also experimented with employing the Hitachi Wand as an accompaniment to sexual intercourse. Either hand-held during the missionary-position, or mounted atop some pillows during “from-behind” intercourse, the Hitachi Magic Wand could be used to have the best of both worlds; stimulation DURING penetration!

But, this added stimulation was often achieved at the cost of inconvenience and poor-ergonomics. Either the user would tire easily from manually holding the wand in place, or the wand itself was unstable, providing inadequate contact.

Intended to be mounted during “from-behind” sex, the Love Seat [a.k.a. Buddy Cushion] proved to be highly successful in helping to provide the most intensely orgasmic experiences for Women during intercourse. TheLove Seat [Buddy Cushion] provides for “Hands-Free” use during penetration, and also allows the user to exert just the right amount of pressure required for direct clitoral stimulation.

vibrator mounted

Designed for initially for couples, also great for solo use!

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