Female Orgasm: Secrets and Resources for Provocation

The Goal, the ultimate goal in sex is the Orgasm of Women. How to reach that goal is an art, whoever dominates it will conquer body and soul of the woman. It is good to differentiate the different stimulation paths that lead women to orgasm and the secrets to travel that path in a victorious way.

It is imperative to be attentive to the woman’s response in the different routes of pleasure.

beautiful girl have an orgasm

Vaginal Orgasm – Point G.

To reach this orgasm it is vital the stimulation of Point G, this particular erogenous zone is inside, on the front wall of the vagina about 5 cm from the entrance, can be considered the root of the clitoris, hardens and enlarges when excited. 30% of women get their best orgasms and even female ejaculation with this excitement. You can be very skillful with your hands but the best stimulus will come with a vibrator specially designed for this function. You can whisper things in your ear and caress other erogenous zones as soon as you let the vibrator do its job. Penetration may be assisted by the use of penile sleeves and extensions specially designed to bring more stimulation to the inside and mouth of the vagina.

The best of all time is Butterfly Kiss. Recommended for use with lubricant.

Clitorial Orgasm.

Orgasm by clitoris stimulation is the safest route that pleases 50% of women. Oral sex is the preferred form of stimulation. And the preferred position is the top woman in command of the movements. It can be magical in this position to use vibrating rings that increase the man’s erection, delay ejaculation and the vibrating part of the ring comes into contact with the clitoris. Also recommended the use of clitoris exciting lubricants (Miss V Arginine or Extasys Clit)

Anal orgasm.

About 15% of women reach orgasm with anal penetration, whether or not simultaneously with clitoral stimulation. The anus is another erogenous zone with numerous nerve endings that can be stimulated in the penetration, helping at least to intensify a clitorid orgasm or even provoking a local one because of the proximity to the cervix. The use of plugs, vibrators and anal balls is the great strategy, in conjunction with anal exciting lubricants. For these women, no anesthetics in the anus.

Orgasm by stimulation of the breasts.

About 5% of women achieve orgasm by stimulating their nipples, because the degree of excitement that causes them is from another world. If your breasts react positively, add a few drops of hot or exciting nipple lubricant and you will make them go crazy with pleasure. Another trick is to use the nipple sucker.

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