Female Ejaculation: how to make a woman squirt?

The myth of female ejaculation is broken! Yes, it’s true, women can ejaculate too! And now you can learn how to throw a jet of pleasure.

Most women are able to produce fluid when their G-spot is correctly stimulated. It just takes time and practice, like anything worthwhile.
Before starting, it is important to feel excited and have an orgasm of clitoris.

What are the basic concepts in squirt learning?

Now do you understand that being relaxed and totally excited is vital to access your G-spot?

In order to achieve ejaculation, it is necessary to stimulate your G-spot. To find it, you or your partner will have to place a finger inside the vaginal wall and massage with a’ come here’ movement. You should be able to feel a texture with relief, unlike the rest of the vaginal wall.

It is worth noting here that while some women literally get wet when the G-spot is stimulated, for others the sensation can be a little annoying. If you want to hit female ejaculation, you need to get used to your G-spot being stimulated.

To achieve this you can use your partner’s fingers, fingers, several different sexual positions, or a G-spot vibrator. If you choose the latter option we offer the best vibrators for you to achieve it.

What are the basic concepts in squirt learning?

1. It begins with stimulation of the clitoris.
2. Find your G-spot.
3. Stimulate the G-spot with your fingers, your partner’s penis or a G-spot vibrator.
4. Keep going until you feel an intense sensation of depth in your vagina.
5. Push your muscles to achieve an orgasm.
6. Enjoy jets and jets of pleasure!

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