Erectile dysfunction: Five tips for curing it

What is erectile dysfunction? is nothing more than the inability to achieve and maintain an erection that allows you to have sexual intercourse. This, in other words, is the worst enemy of many men in bed. Now, do you know that there are very simple remedies to combat it? we’re going to take you five steps to say goodbye to a flaccid penis and you can enthusiastically greet your manly erect member.

we're going to take you five steps to say goodbye to a flaccid penis

1) Olive oil: This oil, accompanied by a diet that includes pasta, fruits and vegetables will put you on the road to an erection. Why is that? one of the main problems with not getting an erection is related to cardiovascular deficiencies. Simpler, the more cholesterol in your body, the less blood going to your penis, which will make it harder for you to hold up your best friend.

2) Avoid Cigarette: It’s simple, the more you smoke the greater the risk of not being stopped. A study by Tulane University in the United States revealed that people who smoked were 22.7% more likely to not get a good erection. Will you risk it?

3) Exercise: If you notice any problems with your erection, please move. Playing sports will help improve your blood circulation and your penis will appreciate it.

4) Relax: Much of your problem with erectile dysfunction can be in your head. Relax and leave anxiety behind. Practice breathing exercises and you’ll see how she lifts her spirits and something else.

5) Make love: If you have erectile dysfunction, how will you make love? because this is a preventive measure. A study by the University Hospital of Tampere in Finland showed that men who make love more frequently are less likely to have problems with their erection.

6) Use cockrings: The cockring, or ring for the penis, is a toy that is placed around the penis and serves to increase the amount of blood that goes to the virile limb. This way you can maintain a better erection during sexual intercourse.

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